t a n k c e u

European Partners in Tank Transport

t a n k c e u

European Partners in Tank Transport


To improve contacts and cooperation, on a regular basis Tankceu organizes the following for the member companies:

TSN (Tankceu Service Net)

24 hour emergency system

Each Tankceu member is responsible for a geographical region in Europe, roughly corresponding with the location of their own company, and appoints one or several TSN coordinators.

When called upon by a Tankceu colleague, the TSN coordinator offers the necessary logistical and technical assistance and personnel.

E-mail information system

Tankceu has developed a simple and effective e-mail system for the planners to inform one another daily about their capacity and load requirements.

A positive side effect is that the planners gain a greater insight into the opportunities presented by their membership of Tankceu.


Tankceu regularly publishes an e-magazine called TankceuNews, to which members and the Board contribute articles about developments in their companies and the market, new staff, and technical and legal aspects in the field etc.

Download pdf version of the latest TankceuNews – edition of March 2024